ММК им. Ильича в 2020 году нарастил выпуск проката на 12,4%(с) MRPL.City

Production of steel and pig iron also went up

Ilyich Iron and Steel Works increased production of rolled products by 12.4% to 3.67 million tons in 2020 against 2019, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

The Company ramped up steel production by 13.7% to 4.05 million tons against 2019. Pig iron production grew by 4.4% to 4.65 million tons and sinter ore production by 12.8% to 12.34 million tons.

In December, the Company produced 320 thousand tons of rolled products, 345 thousand tons of steel, 330 thousand tons of pig iron, and 1.06 million tons of sinter ore.

In 2019, Ilyich Iron and Steel Works increased production of rolled products by 15% to 3.337 million tons, steel by 10% to 3.562 million tons, and decreased production of pig iron by 1% to 4.453 million tons against 2018.