In January–February 2021, Ukrainian ferroalloy producers cut production by 4.3% to 114.93 thousand tons against January–February 2020, according to Interfax-Ukraine citing the Ukrainian Association of Producers of Ferroalloys and Other Electrometallurgical Products (UkrFA).

In January–February, Nikopol and Zaporizhzhia ferroalloy plants (NFP, ZFP) cut silicomanganese production by 1.4% to 87.48 thousand tons compared to January–February 2020.

In two months, NFP, ZFP and Kramatorsk ferroalloy plant (KFP) reduced ferromanganese production by 23.9% to 15.16 thousand tons against January–February 2020. In January–February, KFP suspended production (9.6 thousand tons in January–February 2020).

Ferrosilicon production increased by 68.4% to 11.69 thousand tons and production of metal manganese by 42.9% to 0.6 thousand tons.

In two months, Pokrov Mining and Processing Plant and Marganets Mining and Processing Plant (Pokrov GOK and Marganets GOK) raised manganese concentrate production by 6.2% to 226.7 million tons y-o-y. Marganets GOK produced 59.38 thousand tons of concentrate (-5.3%), and Pokrov GOK 167.32 thousand tons (+10.9%).

In 2020, Ukrainian ferroalloy companies ramped up production by 28.6% to 746.4 thousand tons against 2019.

Ferrosilicon manganese production decreased by 30.4% to 559.9 thousand tons, ferrosilicon by 2.8% to 60.8 thousand tons. Ferromanganese production increased by 28.4% to 123 thousand tons.

In January–February 2021, Ukrainian coke companies decreased production of blast-furnace coke by 0.1% to 1.59 million tons compared to the same period of the previous year, according to Interfax-Ukraine citing Ukrkoks association of coke companies.

Members of Ukrkoks association of coke companies produced 755 thousand tons of coke in February.

“February and the recent days demonstrated a slight decline in production volumes. Nevertheless, the demand of steelmaking company is being fully met. Production curtailed a little though,” comments Anatoliy Starovoit, CEO of Ukrkoks.

According to him, both domestic and import sources are now quite sufficient to fully meet the demand of coke plants for coking coals.

In 2M 2021, the following companies cut coke production y-o-y:

In January–February, the following two Ukrainian companies boosted coke production:

In 2020, Ukrainian coke plants cut production of blast-furnace coke with 6% moisture content by 3.9% against 2019, down to 9.66 million tons.

In January–February 2021, Ukrainian steelmakers increased domestic consumption of rolled products by 18.7% to 766 thousand tons compared to the same period a year earlier, according to Ukrmetallurgprom citing ETR-Spektr LLC.

The share of imports in the total volume of Ukraine’s rolled products market accounted for 14.4%, or 110 thousand tons. This is 10.9% down from the previous year.

The share of flat products in total imports increased and exceeded the share of rolled sections, 54.55% and 42.82% respectively.

The main sources of Ukraine’s imports of rolled products were:

In 2020, Ukraine increased domestic consumption of rolled products by 4.4% to 4.7 million tons against the previous year. The share of imports declined by 5.2% y-o-y.